Safety Reminders & Tips

  • Fire/C02 detector – Please check your batteries once a month. Detectors are needed on all floors. Also check to see that your detector is not over eight years old; you will find the year of the device on the back of it. If it is, call the Housing department or Emergency Management.
  • Fire extinguishers – You need at least one extinguisher on each floor, listed as Class A, B, or C. Follow the instructions on operating and maintenance.
  • Remember! PASS when using Fire Extinguishers: Pull > Aim > Squeeze > Sweep
  • Keep an eye on your LP tank level. Letting it run out of LP gas will mean having it re-lit and it may cost extra money.
  • Furnace filters – Check your furnace filter two times a year. A good way to remember is when the time changes in the SPRING and FALL. Doing so helps the efficiency of your furnace and keeps the dust down in your residence that may cause allergies or colds.
  • Mailbox – Please make sure your mailbox area is clear of snow to ensure proper delivery for the U.S. Postal Service.
  • FCP rental insurance policy – We encourage you to purchase contents insurance in case of an emergency that may occur to your rental unit. Your belongings in your home are NOT COVERED by the tribe’s rental insurance policy.

Please call Housing for more information at (715) 478-7403