Roadside Clean-up Event

On behalf of the Solid Waste Department, we wish to say our deepest thank you to the hard work from volunteers of the community, employees and Forest County Drug Task force. As you know, this event was Solid Waste’s first annual Roadside Clean-up Event. This event was an important undertaking that was made possible by the efforts of the organizers and the volunteers.

It was phenomenal working individually and as a team committed to organizing, promoting and hosting this event. Although we didn’t get to all areas we would have liked, we did reach all the playgrounds and their roadsides throughout the Forest County Potawatomi Community.

To all the volunteers, please know how very much your participation and your dedication is appreciated. We would also like to thank everyone that donated prizes that were contributed towards our raffle for volunteers. The success of this event allowed us to acknowledge the factors to considerer in order to make this event bigger and better in the future. Once more, from everyone that organized this event, it’s our great pleasure – and our great honor – to say Migwetth!