Calling all Wisconsin tribal artists 18 years and older

The North American Indigenous Games Council (NAIG)—Team Wisconsin, is looking to create a visual representation of who they are. This can be considered a “Logo” contest. We are currently looking for an artist who is a tribal member in the state of Wisconsin and who can design a creative, innovative, professional design that is easily recognizable and promotes Team Wisconsin in a positive manner. 

Our goal is to have a design that promotes “Team Wisconsin through NAIG’s beliefs of “The Spirit Strong, Brave & True.” 

The North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) Council is the International Governing Body for the NAIG exercising exclusive jurisdiction, either directly or through its affiliate members or committees, over all matters pertaining to the Games. It ensures the purposes and philosophies are reflected in all aspects of the games.

The NAIG Council is the principle authority for policy development, rules and regulations for the North American Indigenous Games.

The NAIG Council works in a manner which is consistent with the cultural, spiritual and traditional values of the peoples it is representing. In their activities they promote and encourage holistic individual development that assures mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth.

What the NAIG means
The North American Indigenous Games help us realize the collective potential of our bodies, minds, spirit and of our people – our hopes and dreams – The Spirit Strong, Brave & True. 

The contest will begin immediately and submissions will be accepted until the close of business, 4:30 pm on Friday, August 30, 2019. The winner will be announced via phone call no later than Friday, September 20, 2019. In order for your entry to be submitted for judging it must be: 

  1. Submitted directly to
  2. If created in an electronic medium:
    .eps vector file format is preferred with fonts outlined
  3. If created in any other medium, the original art is requested for potential scanning/photographing purposes and can be mailed to: c/o Chris Cornelius, P.O. Box 365, Oneida, WI 54155

Logo Design Requirements
Professional: This logo will represent the NAIG—Team Wisconsin globally and as such we want the design to be attractive, and clear. The design must contain the words “Team Wisconsin” and, it must be 100% original artwork, no photography or third party elements will be accepted. 

Theme: The design must promote the brand of the NAIG—Team Wisconsin of ”The Spirit Strong, Brave and True.” Cultural elements are encouraged that reflect our Wisconsin tribes, their history, and their core values. Artists may, if they choose include a description not more than 100 words. 

Color: There are no color requirements. However the reproduction of the design must also look good in black and white. Ideally, there will be no more than three colors. 

Integrity: Logo designs cannot contain any copyrighted material that does not belong to the NAIG Council. The design should be easily transformed for large and small reproductions from business cards to billboards. 

Helpful Hints: Designs should offer flexibility to other mediums such as digital media to embroidery and screening. Avoid designs that are too complex or intricate. Rely on a strong design rather than words. 

Contest Details
Winners will be selected by a panel of judges. Artist will assign all ownership rights to the 

NAIG, including all intellectual property rights to the logo design for all use. In addition, NAIG reserves the right to alter, modify or revise the logo design as is necessary to meet the needs of the Council. NAIG reserves the right to not select a winner if, in our discretion, no suitable entries are received. 

No designs will be returned. If you wish to retrieve your design please submit self-addressed shipping materials for return with your design. After 30 days, all designs submitted become the property of the NAIG Council and may be disposed. 

The winner will receive $1,200 and will be featured in Tribal social media outlets and Tribal newspapers in Wisconsin. 

In Conclusion:
The logo selected will be used in applications including communications, marketing and signage and promotional materials.