Salt Brine

Salt Brine

Why use Salt Brine and Less Salt Sand? It’s Cleaner – no mess to clean up or wash into the environment. Abrasives such as sand pose a significant risk to water quality and may threaten the survivability of aquatic species, especially during spring runoff. Brining can mitigate the use of abrasives.

FS Volunteer Name Base

You Can Make A Difference

Are you a tribal or community member with a talent or skill you would like to share such as: Regalia Making, Leather Work, Beading, Traditional Cooking, Storytelling, Language, Tanning, Painting, Drum Making, Traditional Medicines, Talking Circles, Traditional Seasonal Harvesting or Anything Else You Can Share?

Open House Meet & Greet

Emergency Management & Ordinance Departments Open House Meet & Greet. Tornado Shelter Kits, Emergency Roadside Kits, Emergency Water, Weather Radios, Life Straws, Emergency Food, Pocket-Size FCP Tribal Constitution. Door Prizes & Raffles.