Septic Truck

Septic Pumping to Begin in June!

Attention Tribal Residents: Jansen’s Septic Pumping will resume their Summer septic pumping in June. Each home is on a schedule to be pumped every other year.

A Storm’s A-Brewin’

Here in northern Wisconsin, we have experienced our own extreme weather disasters, including the July 2016 storm that dumped 8-10 inches of rain in 8 hours.

Too Much Gas

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) and other gases such as methane (CH₄), and nitrous oxide (N₂O) gases are a few of the chemicals in the air that prevent heat from leaving the earth’s atmosphere and return to space.

We Are Back!!

Forest County Potawatomi Public Transit is Back!!! To schedule a ride, call Transit Dispatch at 715-478-4779.

Weather Or Climate – Which Is It?

Many of us use the terms “weather” and“ climate” interchangeably, and while they may seem identical, there is a significant difference between them.